5 Facts About Atheists

The ideology of an atheist is quite surprising. Their beliefs are deeply destructive. This article presents five facts about an atheist that you need to be aware of. The mindset of an atheist has a lot of horrific consequences.

  1. Atheist are responsible for more deaths in the world than the Christians or Judaism
    This one if the disturbing fact about an atheist that anyone needs to be aware of. Most importantly, for those who want to shift their mind from their ideology and what they believe in. In the 20th century, more than 150 million people were murdered by Communism and fascism which had atheist ideologies.
    Other godless people and Communism have continued to kill and subject more people to rape, torture, and enslavement by this same atheist people.
  2. An Atheist is an ideology
    Whether you know it or not, the truth about atheism is that it is an ideology.  In the most argument, it has been said they atheism its just lack of region. That they don’t base, their believes in lying in a particular line or god. Such thinking is an ideology.
  3. Not responsible for good doing in society
    People of Judaism and Christians are Responsible for bringing change and civilization all over the world. For a long time, they are known for the right amount of change in the world. Making sure everyone get all the basic needs such as hospitals, food, clothes, university, charity, and truth of freedom.
  4. Judaism and Christianity led to civilization
    The whole process of civilization can be credited back to the acts of Christians and Judaism. An Atheist is just living off what others created, and they are benefiting from the civilization that was spearheaded by Christians and Judaism.
  5. Atheist know more about religion
    Though they associate themselves for not being religious, the truth of the matter is that atheists know quite much about religion. They just pretend about their whole matter of religion – read article on atheist countries and crime rates.